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We are Customer Centria, a global Customer Engagement & Experience Company, born out of a vision to enable enterprises to offer delightful customer experiences to their customers. We enable enterprises to strategise, plan and execute their Customer Engagement Strategies, programs and initiatives. Having commenced operations in October 2008, Customer Centria caters to enterprises globally, catering to verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Airline and Consumer Goods.

We believe Customer Centricity needs to be at the heart of every business and enterprise, and that every end customer deserves a delightful experience, worthy of their time and money spent. Customer Experience, Loyalty and Lifetime Value are the proponents of our business. Hence enabling enterprises to engage with the right customers at the right time, with the right offers and promotions catering to their precise need at the right time, through preferred channels and in the most relevant manner is our focused business area. We do so by leveraging competences in Technology, Analytics, Interactive and Social Media on the one hand and the best of people, processes and know-how on the other. We believe it's not just about the data and numbers, it's the fact that every customer is a human being who emotes and expresses delight and vents dissatisfaction. With our competence, experience and capabilities, we believe we have it in us to enable an enterprise not just to say 'Hello' to their customers, but to chalk out their journeys to 'Happily-ever-After'.

Founded by C R Vinay, CEO & MD and co-founded by P S Krishnan, COO & Chief Analytics Officer, Customer Centria's vision is to become a global best in class Customer Engagement & Experience Organization. Customer Centria is ably lead by a strong committed management team that focuses on competence, innovation, creativity, delivering business value to clients and experiential delight to their customers. Our ability to integrate Technology, Analytics, Digital Marketing & Social media across platforms, devices and IT infrastructures, provides the key ingredients to unlock customer value for an enterprise. And with over 1000 man years of collective global experience across Customer Management Strategy, Marketing Automation and Analytical Marketing Solutions and Services and Interactive Marketing services, we have a proven track record in delivering effective results.

We believe in fun. We believe in delivery. We believe in Method. We believe in some madness as well. We believe in innovation. We believe in transparency. And of course we believe in Money. If our clients make money, we make money.

When we say Customer Centria we mean the business of Customer Engagement and Customer Experience. And we take it seriously.