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CC Decision

A powerful tool that enables businesses to obtain a holistic view of their portfolio, help them foresight potential business opportunities, pre-empt future possibilities and empower key business parameters with accurate analysis.


CC Decision is an interactive dashboard that helps business to perform:
  • Slice and dice analysis of various business parameters such as product, city, channel of sourcing, account vintage, etc.
  • Evaluate the performance of business based on KPI such as sales, collection, etc.
  • Post evaluating business performance and conducting slice and dice analysis to understand the existing gap, one can identify untapped opportunities in the portfolio

CC Decision is a customisable, easy to use tool designed on the basis of your business requirement and key parameters to be tracked. Its modularised design allows us to create trackers that analyse and monitor specific business parameter or segments which can be done at a customer or an account level. Keeping in mind the complexities associated with specific industries and domains, CC Decision comes loaded with a predefined design for Banking and Insurance sectors. For other industries, a customised design can be developed basis your specific business requirements.


  • CC decision helps get a single version of truth tracked across businesses/teams
  • It empowers businesses to make decisions based on metrics available in the customised dashboard
  • It helps perform trend analysis, drill down analysis, customer segment tracking, loyalty metrics tracking, delinquency report and much more


  • Single view of specific metrics and one version of truth
  • Tracking KPI’s basis customised metrics
  • Drill down analysis to identify business opportunities
  • User friendly and easily understandable tool
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