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MarTech | Data Science | Xperience | Cloud IBM Watson Marketing Business Partner - 2019
Lifetime value

Enterprise loyalty management module of CC Engage platform that enables marketers to strategize, plan & run loyalty programs of almost any scale through its robust accumulation, redemption and real time interaction engine.
  • Key Functionality
    • Loyalty Program Management
    • Scalable Multi partner Program Design & Real Time Engagement
    • Earn / Burn and Tier Management Mechanism
    • Omni-Channel Integration
  • Business Value
    • Define & configure new programs, tiers, reward structures, earn/burn rules for service level segments
    • Supports real time application of earn/burn of reward units and execution of real-time engagement
    • Marketer friendly GUI to quickly design, implement promotions, program policies and execute promotional messages, reducing time to market
    • Integrate with campaign management systems to add a loyalty component to all your marketing campaigns
  • Screenshots