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CC Loyal is your in-house loyalty program manager that helps define and enhance each stage of your loyalty management process – from program definition, loyalty service tiers, points accrual, affiliate management to point redemption.

CC Loyal offers you the freedom to define loyalty service tiers, program rules and reward structure customised to your daily needs. It integrates with any campaign management system to allow for integrated offer management, promotions based on tier based profiles and membership criteria.
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CC Loyal helps you create your own loyalty programs or a joint affiliate program to reward customers. It helps your organisation to consistently recognise, support and reward your loyal customers through the creation of business rules and qualification criteria's. You can also tie with affiliates for points accumulation and redemption.. CC Loyal behaves as an end-to-end flexible rule management engine which adds a loyalty component to your campaign management system. You can manage policies regarding point earn and burn track rewards and fulfillment as well as create your own member upgrade/downgrade strategies. It's easy-to-use GUI is marketer friendly which allows you to add, delete, modify your programs as per the changing business needs of the organisation.


CC Loyal can be used for any activation or retention campaign providing an organisation the flexibility they need based on their customer segments. The in-built message center provides various notification messages, and can help you consistently recognise, support and reward your loyal customers. It also helps in improving and personalising customer experience and engagement for a longer, lasting relationship.

The Extra Edge: Campaign Management tool meets CC Loyal

  • Create targeted and personalised offers based on a customer’s membership tier/profile hosted in CC Loyal
  • Enhance customer loyalty by rewarding them points/awards in real-time based on campaign response
  • Plan future campaigns based on customer insights gained through the tracking of their earn-burn patterns
  • Augment your campaign management systems to deliver loyalty management solutions
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