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MarTech | Data Science | Xperience | Cloud IBM Watson Marketing Business Partner - 2019
Discover the customer
within your data...

Data Management module of CC Engage platform helps integrate,ingest and organize data across sources. It facilitates data profiling,transformation, de-duplication and cleansing to create a unified view across prospects, audiences, channels, lines of businesses, and departments.
A cross-channel view of your customer also means higher response rates, increased up-sell and cross-sell opportunities as well as improved customer
  • Key Functionality
    • Omni Channel Data Integration, Ingestion & Organization
    • Data Profiling & Transformation
    • De-duplication & Cleansing
    • Singleview across Businesses Audiences, Channels, Households etc.
  • Business Value
    • Achieve savings from reducing time spent on data preparation and quality analysis
    • Achieve higher response rates and increase up-sell, cross-sell opportunities
    • Save marketing and IT spends by reducing redundancy
    • Know your customer (KYC) across all mediums, devices and channels
    • Reduce customer contact fatigue & Improve Customer Service
  • Screenshots
CC Singleview Overview