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Engaging better with your customers involves getting the basics right, such as maintaining accurate information on the customer's demographics, contact details, cross-product portfolio, and interactions through any inbound/outbound channel. For organisations that use robust campaign management systems, clean and deduplicated customer database helps in reducing redundant customer contact and money spent on marketing. CC SingleView helps such organisations prepare their data for high and accurate segmentation through the use of 5 modules - Integrator, Profiler, Transformer, DeDuper and SingleView Generator.

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What is CC SingleView?

CC SingleView is a customer data preparation and management software that allows you to create an integrated, deduplicated and a holistic view of your customer capturing all interactions the customer has with your organisation.

You can achieve this using the following functions of CC SingleView:
  • Prepare customer and campaign data to analyse data quality and perform gap analysis
  • Review quality of data and perform enrichment using pre-defined libraries to increase the completeness and readiness of data
  • Perform data transformation to understand all customer interactions with your organisation to get a full understanding of the customer relationship
  • Augment your campaign management systems to deliver loyalty management solutions
  • Create a single view using a simple drag and drop functionality to create individual, house or household views
  • Integrate with any analytical tool or campaign management system to use cleansed, sophisticated data removing duplication

The above can be accomplished in 5 simple steps using the easy to use, modularised software, CC SingleView.

Why do you need CC Singleview?

CC SingleView helps you in reaching out to your customers in a way that they know that you understand them. Relevant and focused engagement goes a long way and hence having a single view of the customer is extremely important.

  • Save marketing spends by reducing redundancy
  • Reduce customer contact fatigue
  • Achieve higher campaign response rates
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase up-sell, cross-sell opportunities
  • Know your customer (KYC)

What makes us different from others?

CC SingleView has a powerful rule matching engine that uses fuzzy logic which allows organisations to dedupe millions of records in much less time. It's ability to provide reports and tables for marketers to understand their customers and gain a cross-database view provides an added advantage.

  • Integrate with any analytical or campaign management tool to model, segment and send highly targeted campaigns against a deduplicated database
  • Increase the relevance of your communications and offers to your customers by creating a single view of all products, services, interactions against your customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of your customer service and marketing campaigns by targeting a smaller but more relevant audience through all channels of communication (in-bound, sms, online, emails)