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MarTech | Data Science | Xperience | Cloud IBM Watson Marketing Business Partner - 2019

Predictive analytical campaign management module of CC Engage platform that powers users to manage marketing resources, strategize using statistical methods, design & build campaigns, offers, execute across relevant preferred channels and also measure performance across Marketing and Campaign Metrics.
  • Key Functionality
    • Campaign Planning and resource management
    • Design & Build of campaign communication and offers
    • Integrated Analytics Segmentation, Clustering, Predictive, Prescriptive
    • Omni-channel Integration & execution including e-mail, Mobile, Social Media
  • Business Value
    • Manages entire campaign lifecycle
    • Personalizes & empowers multi-channel engagement
    • Learns customer behaviour on campaign interactions
    • Integrates seamlessly with channels and required data sources in varied applications
    • Increases campaign accuracy and velocity
  • Screenshots
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