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Meticulously crafted software that helps you improve your business outcome and establish effective customer engagement. Our in-house products are an outcome of our cross-industry expertise and global experience that help resolve your day-to-day marketing challenges.
Single View

Discover the customer within your dataTM

CC SingleView
A powerful data preparation software that helps marketers gain a holistic view of their customers while allowing them to transform large amounts of data into cost-effective, highly targeted marketable data.
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The heart of your business lies with your customerTM

CC Loyal
Your in-house easy-to-use loyalty program manager, that gives you the freedom to define loyalty service tiers, program rules and reward structure customised to your daily needs.
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Decisions that help you grow your customer baseTM

CC Decision
A powerful tool that enables businesses to obtain a holistic view of their portfolio, help them foresight potential business opportunities, pre-empt future possibilities and empower key business parameters with accurate analysis.
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cc Decision

Discover and react in real time to how consumers are interacting with your brand.TM

IBM EMM suite
We empower organisations by providing IBM Unica and CoreMetrics solutions that enable them to segment their customers and market to them - faster and better.
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