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CC Engage Platform

Meticulously crafted software that helps you improve your business outcome and establish effective customer engagement. Our in-house products are an outcome of our cross-industry expertise and global experience that help resolve your day-to-day marketing challenges.
Single View

Discover the customer within your dataTM

CC SingleView
A powerful data preparation software that helps marketers gain a holistic view of their customers while allowing them to transform large amounts of data into cost-effective, highly targeted marketable data.
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Predictive Analytical Campaign ManagementTM

CC Target
Helps marketers manage resources, strategize using predictive techniques, design & build campaigns, execute across preferred channels & measure performance across marketing initiatives
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cc Decision

The heart of your business lies with your customerTM

CC Loyal
Your in-house easy-to-use loyalty program manager, that gives you the freedom to define loyalty service tiers, program rules and reward structure customised to your daily needs.
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cc Decision