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Our expertise helps you implement and adapt to the fast moving customer engagement scenario through a confluence of technology, analytics, social and digital media. Our integrated services portfolio allows you to pick and choose a combination or individual components to serve your customers – better, and faster.
We blend technology with creativity to deliver services that enable you to engage with your customers and help you translate strategic business agendas into marketing initiatives.
  • Marketing Automation
    Our services provide organisations with a strong support system to strategise, implement and execute marketing strategies and technologies effectively.
  • Customer Data Management
    We turn your data into a vital business intelligence tool and integrate it strategically using our in-house products and analytical expertise.
  • Platform Integration
    With social media investments paying off immensely, it’s essential for organisations to link data from social networks to their CRM practices for a better learning and understanding process. Leverage our services to achieve the maximum ROI on your social media practices.
  • Application Development
    With the growing need for mobile and web applications in the digital space, our clients rely on us to develop custom applications across platforms catering to specific requirements, by using our targeted and proven application development methodology.
For us, Analytics is not just y=a+bx. We use data to drive delightful experiences and help you unleash unknown business facets, by creating a solid understanding of the analytics for you. We use analytics to help you quantify and qualify your business hypothesis that lead to marketing initiatives and activities.
  • Predictive Analytics
    “History repeats itself” the famous proverb is the fundamental principle of predictive analytics. We dive into your data to discover patterns and understand behaviour, key trends and interest areas for forecasting. Predictive analytics helps businesses forecast future sales, propensity to buy, product sequencing, etc.
  • Market Basket Analytics
    One of the key metrics in the current business world is "number of products per customer". Market basket analysis plays a key role in increasing this number. It helps businesses design strategies and increase cross sell ratio as well as layout plans for retail business to product bundling for banking.
  • Segmentation
    With millions of customers and trillions of transactions, one easily gets lost in customer data, and has little understanding about the existing customer mix. We help you to know your customers better by natural segmentation which identifies the natural cluster of customers with similar traits. Segmentation is a powerful tool that helps businesses design and deploy strategies that cater to their customers needs.
  • Web and Online Analytics
    Optimising the web channel through analytics is critical to an organisation's success. From measuring traffic to your site, understanding your visitors' needs and behaviour, or gauging click-through rates to new content or features, we act as your single window to the web world.
  • Text and Speech Analytics
    Analyse and categorise your customer conversations, both – calls and emails - with our Text and Speech Analytics services, and get access to critical information related to products, processes, operational issues and more.
We help you build a relevant multi-channel interactive strategy to create personalised conversations based on strong consumer insights and demonstrated behavior.
  • Cross-channel Campaign Management Services
    Plan, define, structure and execute marketing campaign activities across various customer touch points using our cross-channel campaign management strategies and methodologies.
  • Digital, Mobile and Online Marketing
    We offer innovative digital, mobile and online marketing strategies that help create communities, consumer engagement while measuring metrics, campaign performance and brand buzz against competition.
  • Cross-channel execution (Web, Virtual, eMail, Mobile, SMS)
    Our multi-channel approach and execution allows you to select a delivery mechanism best suited to reach your customer at the right time, with the right message.
  • Creative Design and User Experience
    Customer Centria has the capabilities and bandwidth to provide rich and cutting edge ideas, designs as well as creatives for cross-industry clients to offer an immersive customer experience.
To know more about our services, email us at : info@customercentria.com
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