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Leveraging on our extensive experience and expertise, we provide solutions that help attain business objectives. We provide tailor made solutions to help you enhance customer loyalty, engagement, interaction and experience.
Experience and Loyalty Management
Solutions that help you reward your most loyal customers by engaging with them through every channel – online or offline – to increase their lifetime value with your organisation.
  • Customer Listening
    Customers converse a lot these days. We help organisations tap into the multiple consumer conversations, interactions and associated sentiments, and capture the positives and negatives. Once the relevant conversations are identified, we craft suitable responses to close the loop.
  • Cross-channel Experience Management and Integrations
    Acting as an extension of customer experience management, Customer Centria solutions help organisations observe and capture customer behavior across channels and integrate the experiences to develop a strategy to boost customer loyalty.
  • Customer Loyalty Management
    By leveraging our wide range of proven customer-centric strategies, we empower organisations to gain the most out of their customer base, and turn it into a pool of loyal brand advocates.
Analytics-based Business Solutions
Immersing ourselves into large amounts of data with a view to extract information relevant to meeting business objectives, leads insight-based decision and action.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
    Our Customer Lifecycle Management solutions cut across both – consumer and business firms, and operates on the belief of superior customer experience. This is used to enhance the customer lifecycle and promote loyalty – maximising the business returns as a result. From acquisition to activation to retention, we have you covered.
  • Churn Management
    Our Churn management solutions deliver predictive and automated churn modeling using advanced statistical intelligence. We look at the various aspects of the user’s susceptibility to churn, leveraging the past history, and build strategies.
  • Channel Migration
    Our solutions help companies match the customers to the right channels, shifting certain users to specific channels, so as to optimise the customer servicing costs and also enhance the quality of service through different channels.
  • Customer Lifetime Value
    Extract more value from your existing customer base, with our solutions that support companies in analysing the data, making it insight-friendly to encourage loyalty, and create a lifetime value of the customers.
Enterprise Marketing Management
Our competence, expertise and experience make sure your marketing efforts yield the maximum returns by contacting the right customer at the right time via the right channel.
  • Cross-channel Campaign Management
    Manage all the interactions from a single point combining e-mail, calls, sms and more – creating a personalised consumer experience.
  • Event Based Marketing
    Our EBM solutions focus on identifying the right time to extend the relevant message to customers or prospects, and help track complex events and customer trends. Reduce your response time by knowing more about your customers and reaching them at the right moment.
  • Marketing Resource Management
    Streamline and automate marketing activities with our optimised insights and processes. Our MRM solution helps manage marketing operations more effectively through better planning, execution, budgeting, strategising and measuring.
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