Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success

New Zealand’s leading telco

The company is one of the leading communications service providers (CSP) in New Zealand, with operating revenue of more than USD 4 billion.

Business Objective

  • To design end-to-end Unica Campaign Management Integrated solution with various e-channels
  • To design Deployment Architecture for Unica Components with EAI backplane
  • To integrate the Unica Infrastructure with external touch systems


  • We studied the client’s existing marketing infrastructure, individuals and departments involved and business processes
  • Based on the evaluation, use of Unica Campaign, Unica eMessage and Unica Interact was suggested
  • End-to-end campaign system architecture was designed and implemented
  • The campaign system was integrated with 19 different sources or interaction systems

Business Value

  • Unica implementation turned out to be a key transformation step for the Telco's campaign management
  • The company was able to reduce costs and better their marketing processes owing to:
    • Integrated architecture for campaign planning and execution
    • Successful pilot on real time integration with customer portal
    • Ability of the business to conduct batch as well as real time campaigns