Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success

India's leading CSP

The company offers GSM mobile services across multiple states in India.

Business Objective

  • Improve customer targeting by understanding and leveraging customer preferences for channels
  • Drive consistent branding, messaging, and relevant offers across all channels
  • Boost offer conversion and value through optimised offer and channel delivery, and reduce marketing costs by eliminating duplication for the targeted audience


We deployed Unica Campaign and Unica eMessage to create optimised campaign flowcharts by using unique IBM Unica features to create persistent derived fields, custom macros, strategic segments and output capacitisation.


  • Our experience in implementing similar campaigns in the telecommunication space helped the telecom company’s stakeholders to identify campaign initiatives and activities and as a result, design effective campaigns.
  • Unica Campaign and Unica eMessage were implemented on-site across two months. Campaigns, aimed at helping the client to manage future campaigns independently and involving multiple business units were executed successfully in this timeframe.
  • Elaborative workshops were conducted to help the telco’s marketing team and business stakeholders to understand the implemented Unica modules.

Business Value

  • Well-defined campaign management and execution for regular campaigns. The timeline for executing each campaign was brought down to approximately 45 minutes from 2-3 hours
  • Achieved increased productivity due to scheduled campaigns through Unica Campaign Management, as less time and resources were involved
  • Automated data upload in CDM and integration with FTP allowed the telco to reduce manual dependency and achieve key success milestones
  • Robust security roles and policies ensured multi-level accessibility of campaigns across the organisation
  • Easier identification of campaign-usable data allowed faster turnaround times by analysing past campaigns and behaviours