Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success

India’s Largest and Oldest Publishing House

Oldest Indian publisher of graphic novels based on biographies, religious figures and cultural stories.

Business Objective

  • Consolidate and prepare data from marketing across departments
  • Automate and streamline marketing processes
  • Reduce time to market for campaigns
  • Reduce dependency on manual processes
  • Enable business users on campaign management technology


  • Analyzing and improving campaign efficiency.
  • Implemented business rules to manage and organize data across channels. Cleansing, de-duplication & creation of a master campaign data mart with unique customer identification numbers. Segmentation of customers based on demographics and transactions. Creation & execution of email campaigns to various segments. Solution Components : CC Engage and Aprimo email marketing.

Business Value

  • Improved ROI for the brand
  • Automated and scheduled campaigns thus reducing the time to market on product launches and promotions
  • Single customer truth across different channels and products