Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success

Leading Airline Coalition Loyalty Program

Independent, loyalty and rewards Management Company with the aim to manage, market, operate an internationally acclaimed award winning loyalty and rewards program with over 11 Million registered members and 200+ partners.

Business Objective

  • Orchestrate engaging & memorable customer experiences across multiple touch-points to enhance customer loyalty and increase customer value
  • Power personalized & contextual conversations backed by relevant & impactful customer insights
  • Improve efficiency of the overall marketing process while enabling additional capabilities & capacities in the ecosystem


  • Managed data, content, channels and communications across multiple touch-points, for different audiences- prospects, customers and members.
  • Hybrid, best of breed, Martech platform encompassing multiple technologies:
    • CC Engage - Data Management - CDP
    • IBM Campaign, IBM WCA - Campaign Automation
    • Airship - Mobile App Experience
    • branch.io - Attribution across different channels

Business Value

  • 10+ Martech platforms integrated with CC Engage
  • 3000+ enriched marketing attributes created for campaigns, customer intelligence, Singleview, website and dashboards
  • Data processing timelines reduced from 30 days to 1 day with CC Engage platform
  • Improved response rates – Open/Clicks on campaign communications
  • Improved member flight, redemptions and in partners interactions