Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success
Being Human
Being Human is a registered charitable trust set up by Bollywood actor and a global icon Salman Khan, for helping the cause of the underprivileged. The foundation has two focus areas, education and healthcare. To increase the reach and corpus of the Foundation, Salman Khan has undertaken initiatives such as Being Human art and Being Human merchandise.

Business Objective

  • Establish Brand Saliency. Make the cause 'Iconic'
  • Build a community, a strong network bound by a cause
  • Encourage voluntary contributions in terms of financial assistance or services
  • Spread the positive message globally, and turn the brand into an inspiration
  • Footfall to the stores & E-commerce sales


  • Strong unofficial community, and various unauthorized social media handles
  • Conversations were mostly more about Salman Khan and his upcoming movies, activities, etc. rather than the causes Being Human is working for
  • Merchandise sale of pirated t-shirts and watches was more in terms of revenue compared to originals, hampering the very purpose of the trust’s formation
  • Unauthorized Being Human volunteers asking for money in the name of Salman Khan, thus denying the needy their right to a better life


  • Started-off the process by creating official social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Consolidated efforts by contacting fans of Being human who were passionate about the project but were contributing via unofficial presence thus diluting the effort
  • Engaged users via the FB page by making it into an exclusive interaction zone for Salman Khan fans and Being Human admirers to share their thoughts and views
  • Integrated FB, Twitter and YouTube efforts
  • Live tweeted events ("Ready" and others)
  • Video uploads of fans on YouTube to stop piracy
  • Created an alliance with BookMyShow to enable national and international delivery of Being Human merchandise to cater to huge demand
  • "Being Human Anti-Tshirt Piracy Squad" application was launched on Facebook and it promoted fans to support anti-piracy by classifying them as soldiers of this war
  • Official website launched as a central hub for interaction, sharing stories, helping the cause, etc.