the New World of
Customer Delight
Empower the New World of Customer Delight

Define Loyalty Journeys

Strategize, plan & run loyalty programs, Solus or Coalition, Point or Spend or Tiered or Hybrid programs, of almost any scale with built in Points Calculation Real Time Interaction engine

Reward in Real Time

Process transactions in Real time from simple to highly complex, Earn / Burn rules, for any customer interactions that would need to be rewarded

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Enhance your customer loyalty by identifying opportunities for rewarding customers, with relevancy, accuracy, and their individual preferences

Reduce Time to Market

Design and Implement Programs, Promotions and Policies, quickly, using the marketer friendly interface, reducing time to market
  • Flexible Loyalty Program Management with real time notifications

  • Scalable Multi Partner Program Design

  • Design of Real Time Earn / Burn rules

  • Manage Tiers and Personalized Promotions