the New World of
Customer Delight
Empower the New World of Customer Delight

Seamless Integration of Data

Integrate any format of data - online or offline, real time streaming or batch, structured, semi structured or unstructured, first party or third party data

Manage Data Quality

Utilize capabilities like data pre-processing, transformation, filtering and deduplication for a 360 degree of your customers and audiences

Activate Data for Business

Facilitate outbound integration for third party consumptions systems and CC Engage platform components

Streamline Data Management

Workflow driven approach helps streamline the process of incoming data from disparate sources for consistent processing
  • Integrate data in real-time and batch modes across sources and formats

  • Schedule and streamline data as required from sources

  • Transform using workflow driven processes for filtering, de-duplicating and enriching incoming data

  • Load data into consumption systems using various outbound integration modes