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Data & Decisions Sciences

We enable enterprises to know what ‘state of responsiveness and engagement’ their customers are in, how to view every direct or indirect reference or transaction or an expression, of a customer, as a possible impact on the customer’s ‘state of engagement’ and continuously look for optimal ways and means of retaining the customer’s interests with the enterprise. Our analytics practice provides marketers with recommendations and insights that are relevant, powerful and actionable.

Single View and 360

Our 360° single view solution equips businesses with a unified view of the customer to Improve accuracy, context and response to marketing campaigns. Legacy databases typically comprise data in a distributed form. Integration of data and insights from marketing campaigns, NPS, surveys, online and social media interactions, contact centre interactions and more need to tag against an individual member or household across products and services.

Omni Channel Data Integration

Our omni channel data integration services help collate, ingest and strategically integrate data to enable informed decisions. There is always enough data lying unattended across web, social, mobile and departments across your organization.

Data Quality Management & Organization

We turn your data into vital business intelligence by strategically using our products & expertise to audit and analyze quality, take corrective measures of enrichment, standardization, transformation and cleansing based on your marketing campaign.

Data Visualization

We understand the significance of data and provide services to represent the same in a visual context, thus enabling hidden patterns, trends, and correlations for your marketing campaigns to pin with excellence and centered around your customers.

Hadoop, NoSQL, Big Data Integration

We address Big Data challenges and enable enterprises to leverage the capabilities of integrating a NoSQL database, Integration of Hadoop and MongoDB.

Data Analytics Web, Social, Mobile

Customer Centria acts as your single window to the digital world from measuring traffic to your site, understanding your visitors’ needs and behaviour or gauging click-through rates to new content or features.


Predictive analytics helps businesses forecast future sales, propensity to buy, product sequencing, and more. We dive into your data to discover patterns and understand behavior, key trends, and interest areas for forecasting.

Market Basket

“Number of products per customer” is one of the key metrics in the current business world. Market basket analysis plays a crucial role in increasing this number. We help to understand this metric and help businesses design strategies and increase cross-sell ratio as well as layout plans for the retail business to product bundling for banking.

Case Study

Diary Of a Journey Called Success

Successful clients, Happy customers now. Our global experience makes sure your marketing efforts yield maximum return on Marketing, Digital and Customer Engagement & Experience Investments. The biggest testimony to our proven methodologies – case studies that make us shine.

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