Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success
The Godrej group is one of the leading business groups in India with a legacy of over 100 years and a turnover of more than 3.3billion USD. GoJiyo is world’s first browser-based virtual world launched by the Godrej group.

Business Objective

To build a deep relationship with the brand's consumers of tomorrow by creating immersive, technology driven experiences that ultimately drive belief in the brand promise of a brighter life.

Our Approach

Intensive consumer research led to defined 'archetypes' that signify the multiple interests and personalities of this audience & Customer Centria created the virtual interface to satisfy their aspirations which would in the end significantly impact real world brand choice & decisions.

Proposed Strategy

India's first ever browser based 3D virtual world - 'GoJiyo' - A borderless world where people can engage and interact with each other as Avatars, form communities and tribes and live out every real world aspiration in the most exciting ways.

End to End Solution

  • Our in depth study of consumers, led to the creation of six distinct regions within this world tailor-made to the aspirations of different archetypes
  • Backed by a global team of pioneers in this space & the right technology platform (UNITY) for the Indian context, we were able to provide an experience that was both rich and simple to use
  • To encourage a mass of early adopters, Customer Centria developed & executed a comprehensive marketing strategy beginning with a teaser campaign & thereafter sustained by region specific promos through videos, rich media banners, online PR & extensive social media initiatives

Business Value

  • Percentage of target consumers intending to purchase Godrej products / pay premia for them went up from an average of 70% to an average of 80% post the GoJiyo campaign
  • Aided brand awareness for any Godrej product was no. 2 in the country for the period of promotion with GoJiyo being the only new brand in the top 10 list amongst people online
  • Within two years of its launch, GoJiyo has built a community of over 1.2 million engaged users