Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success

Hong Kong's Leading Bank

The client is one of the largest financial services groups in Asia with headquarters in Singapore.

Business Objective

  • The project was scoped to enhance marketing and communication based upon customer lifecycle and events
  • Build higher efficiency in marketing and communications through Automation


  • Migration of 4 million data points from SAS to Unica
  • Multi-Channel marketing system set to handle E-Mail, SMS, IVR & Direct Mail campaigns
  • Complex Multi-level approval system designed on Unica
  • Optimised campaign to control over contact and user exhaustion

The Result

  • Channel Preference and Channel optimisation via Unica Optimize
  • Implementation of Contact Policy to ensure right customers are targeted via right channels and right offers
  • Drive consistent branding, messaging and relevant offers across all channels
  • Boost conversion and value through optimised offer and channel delivery
  • Increase marketing velocity through extensive customisation to achieve automation, best practices, and collaboration
  • Reduce marketing costs by eliminating duplication for the targeted audience which enables disbursement of right offer via right channel at right time
  • Response management framework to measure campaign efficacy