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CC Engage

CC Engage is a Customer Data & Engagement Platform that powers Customer and Audience Engagement & Experience. The CC Engage CDEP offers world class Omni Source, Omni Channel, Data Orchestration, Organisation, Management & Unified OneView. It drives powerful Machine Learning based intelligence, segmentation, targeting and personalization. And is a unique platform that propels experience through Campaign & Loyalty Management powered by Real Time personalized interaction capability.

Customer and Audience Data Management

Bring in data from any Source, any Channel, any Device, any Volume, Realtime or Streaming for consolidation, pre processing, validation, cleansing and enriching.

Customer True View

Stitch together customer details using identity matching and resolution, enriched attributes to provide the marketer with a true and comprehensive customer view.

Machine Learning

Use deep insights from continuous learning algorithms for real time decisioning across channels, segments and offers

Omni-Channel Communication

Deliver hyper personalized seamless and progressive cross channel customer engagement and communication with relevant content

Loyalty and Tier Management

Design Solus and Coalition Loyalty Programs with different Tier levels, and multiple partners. Reward your customers with real-time notifications.


Monitor Key trends and campaign performance indicators, understand customer affinities and tailor customer journeys to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Orchestrate data from mediums, channels, businesses, devices, platforms across formats and structures.

  • Unify data across sources, audit, profile, enrich data & create 360 degree single-view of entities & audiences across physical and digital attributes Analyse and decide engagement strategy with Machine Learning, Segmentation, Clustering, Predictive algorithms.

  • Design engagement journeys across channels, measure interactions, score affinities, actions, preferences, expressions and activities in real time.

  • Reward loyalty & bonus points with real time accumulation and redemption.

  • Measure Insights, Interactions, Experience, KPI and configure dashboards.

  • Validate email contact information in real time and in batch mode.