Diary of a
called success
Diary of a journey called success
Tullo Marshall Warren, Ltd. (TMW)
Tullo Marshall Warren, Ltd. (TMW) operates as a direct marketing agency in Europe. It offers direct marketing services, digital campaigns, and product launches, as well as e-solutions in the areas of strategic planning, technical build, and digital management.

Business Objective

To conduct an audit review of the existing Campaign Management infrastructure and implement Unica Campaign to enable TMW to achieve campaign velocity.

Our Approach

  • Conducted gap analysis
  • Identified implementation requirements
  • Identified Integration and Testing requirements


Based on the approach undertaken and the reports thereof, Customer Centria undertook complete implementation of Unica Campaign. This included:
  • Customisation of relevant Unica system tables
  • Design and Development of relevant objects within Unica Campaign including flowcharts, offers, templates, derived fields, macros, attributes
  • Implementation of System table DB triggers to populate external databases
  • Design and Development of a mechanism which allowed generation of pin codes within Unica Campaign
  • Design and Development of an involved business logic for "List Pull" in Unica Campaign module with the help of user defined functions
  • Training TMW personnel for efficient Campaign design and administration

Business Value

  • Ensured best practices for customisation of Unica system tables keeping with data model integrity and product support requirements
  • Seamless integration of TMW's existing Loyalty Management application with Unica Campaigns, Offers and Contacts using relevant DB based optimisations