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Competence in Practices
Thousands of the world’s leading brands rely on Airship to spark closer connections with their customers through highly contextual and relevant interactions. Only Airship’s Customer Engagement Platform takes a mobile-first, data-led approach that enables brands to focus on individuals and their needs, not which marketing channels to use. Airship makes it much simpler and more effective to grow customer lifetime value in the omnichannel era. We partnered with Airship in India to combine the technology & our services that offer clients a comprehensive solution of services & technology. This combination has helped clients see substantial increase in their marketing effectiveness and its subsequent response to their mobile marketing business metrics.

Our expertise includes Implementation, Upgrade, Migration, Audit, L1 Support, and Training. We also have proven experience in managing large scale Run and Operate engagements, involving Marketing Planning, Business Analysis, Campaign Calendarisation, Campaign Development, Testing, Deployment, Campaign Analysis, Insights and Reporting.

Why Us

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