CC Engage

CC Engage is a Customer Data & Engagement Platform that powers Customer and Audience Engagement & Experience


CC Engage

CC Engage is a Customer Data & Engagement Platform that powers Customer and Audience Engagement & Experience. The CC Engage CDEP offers world class Omni Source, Omni Channel, Data Orchestration, Data Organisation, Data Management & Unified View. It drives powerful Machine Learning based intelligence, segmentation, targeting, personalization and propels experience through Campaign & Loyalty  powered by real time personalized interaction capability.

Customer and Audience Data Management

Bring in data from any Source, any Channel, any Device, any Volume, Realtime or Streaming for consolidation, pre processing, validation, cleansing and enriching.

Customer True View

Stitch together customer details using identity matching and resolution, enriched attributes to provide the marketer with a true and comprehensive customer view.

Machine Learning

Use deep insights from continuous learning algorithms for real time decisioning across channels, segments and offers

Omni-Channel Communication

Deliver hyper personalized seamless and progressive cross channel customer engagement and communication with relevant content

Loyalty and Tier Management

Design Solus and Coalition Loyalty Programs with different Tier levels, and multiple partners. Personalize rewards for your customers and engage with real-time gratifications.


Monitor Key trends and campaign performance indicators, understand customer affinities and tailor customer journeys to stay ahead of the curve.

Capabilities and Benefits

CC Engage

Customer Data and Engagement Platform

CC Engage platform enables enterprises to drive strategy, improve marketing effectiveness and empower the enterprise marketing management process, resulting in consistent, memorable and personalized customer experiences. The platform has various offerings which helps in Customer Marketing Data Management, Predictive Analytics, Segmentation & Campaign Management, Loyalty Management and reporting.


CC Engage Orchestrate

Now schedule and streamline data as required from sources.
Orchestrate integrated data in real-time, batch modes across sources and formats.
Transform data using workflow-driven processes for filtering, de-duplicating and enriching incoming data.
Load data into consumption systems using various outbound integration modes


CC Engage Streams

Ingest Streaming data across real time systems across scale and volume.
Pattern Detection, Complex logic Calculation, Inactivity detection.
Complex Event Processing, Time Based/Activity based.
Action triggering, Direct connectors for Marketing Clouds.


CC Engage Unify 360

Data Profiling & Auditing to understand data quality and completion of enriched transformation and standardization.

Probabilistic and deterministic matching and identity resolution with pre-grouping and fuzzy logic algorithms.

Custom enriched attributes for deep insight about customer behaviour and transaction patterns.

A single view across Businesses Audience, Channels, Households.


CC Engage Target

Design & Build of campaign segments
and communications.
Omni-channel Integration & execution, including email, Mobile, Social Media.
Campaign lifecycle management for multi-wave engagements.
Score customer behaviour on campaign interactions and expressions.
Refine journeys with rich interaction history


CC Engage Decision

Classification, Regression, Correlation, including Decision Trees, Neural Networks.
Machine Learning with supervised and unsupervised methods.
Clustering, Predictive, Prescriptive, Grouping, Profiling.
Integrated and intelligent decisions.


CC Engage Loyal

Flexible Loyalty Program Management with real-time notifications.
Scalable Multi-Partner Program Design.
Design of Real-Time Earn / Burn rules.
Manage Tiers and Personalized Promotions


CC Engage Insight

Campaign Impact Measurement & Pre/Post Campaign Analysis
Insights that matter on key metrics, performance, dashboards
Audience Behavior, KYC, SingleView, Management dashboards, Marketing data sources and systems


CC Engage Validate

Validate email contact information both in Real-Time and in Batch uploads
Lower bounce rates.
Protect IP reputation.
Increase deliverability.
Improve inbox placement


Convenient, Effective & Efficient

Pricing for CC Engage is primarily dependent on the deployment model, the number of customer profiles that would be engaged, apart from the volume of transactions.


Hosted on the cloud, CC Engage can be accessed via secured connections. The pricing components include
 1) Monthly or Annual subscription fee
 2) Type of engagement complexity
 3) Customer Profiles.


Hosted locally on your premises, Enterprises can subscribe monthly or Annually to leased license. Write to us for more information.

Our Partners

Customer Centria works closely with leading Marketing Cloud players to offer a tightly integrated and holistic solution with CC Engage. We offer Consulting and Professional services covering Implementation, Technical Support for all these Partners. For some large enterprises, we also offer Managed Services, where we Run and Operate the Platform, with a dedicated team of Analysts, Designers, Developers, addressing the overall business objectives.

Regional Partners

We also work with some of the key regional partners to ensure our solution is meaningful and complete with the understanding of local logistical requirements and business challenges.

Our Case Studies

Leading Airline Coalition Loyalty Program

India’s Largest Leading Multi Brand Loyalty

India’s Leading Capital Company

India’s Largest and Oldest Publishing House

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