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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Enabling interactive marketing strategies


Marketing Services

We help you build a relevant multi-channel interactive strategy to create personalized conversations based on strong consumer insights and demonstrated behavior.

Data-Driven Marketing Process Engineering

As the data explosion gets further monumental, today’s marketers have the opportunity to base all their decisions on data. Customer Centria helps you reorient marketing processes and services, design omnichannel customer engagement strategies using deep insights from traditional and Big Data, executed real-time.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Our customer lifecycle services help create a sustained, differentiated experience and delight across customer lifecycle journeys – from onboarding, deepening relationships, widening engagement, and then to the retention and win-back loyalty across all customer touchpoints, including digital, mobile, stores, branches, and call center.

Real-Time Inbound/Outbound Marketing

Real-time engagement requires harnessing relevant technology and domain expertise using deep insights about customer behaviour. Our domain knowledge, proven technology skills and in-depth knowledge in Experience Engineering allow our clients to kick start and execute real-time engagement strategies truly.

Event and Trigger Based Marketing

Customers leave customer Centria empowers you to infer from the imprints left by your customers these imprints on different touchpoints, directly and otherwise allowing an appropriate response, leading to an increased share of wallet with the customer. We understand, identification of ‘events’ and ‘triggers’ discovered out of customer data, is significant to any meaningful customer engagement strategy today

Omni Channel Campaign Management

We help you establish and orchestrate campaigns across email, SMS, Mobile, Web, Social and location-based channels like ATM and Kiosks. We ensure these campaigns are relevant, personalized, timely and highly targeted, with the integrity of engagement maintained across all touchpoints, all time

Channel Migrations

We enhance the efficiency of the marketing communication channels to define strategies that need development aiming at shifting specific customers to specific channels. We optimize the cost best and enable marketers to select a delivery mechanism best suited to reach your customer at the right time, with the right message.

Audience Management Services across Paid/Owned Media

Our end-to-end testing services enable enterprises to define, build & implement test automation frameworks. Our team of qualified quality consultants can ensure testing on various parameters like User acceptance, System integration, functionality, security and scalability

Marketing Resource Management

Data Model Engineering is an abstract model that organizes data description, data semantics, and consistency captivity of data. The data model emphasizes on what data is needed and how it is composed. We turn your data into a vital business intelligence tool and integrate it strategically to the required marketing systems using our in-house products and analytical expertise.

Case Study

Diary Of a Journey Called Success

Successful clients, Happy customers now. Our global experience makes sure your marketing efforts yield maximum return on Marketing, Digital and Customer Engagement & Experience Investments. The biggest testimony to our proven methodologies – case studies that make us shine.

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