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Technology Services

Technology Services

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Our expertise goes beyond implementation and ensures complete integration into the existing infrastructure of your enterprise. We integrate the power of people and processes to deliver faster turn-around times and guarantee seamless implementation of new marketing automation technologies

Systems Integration

Our expertise in exemplary integration of systems with multiple heterogeneous functionalities supports strategic alignment between employees, customers and investors interests. Drawn from the array of readily available quality tested and industry-specific custom developments, our integration services ensure world-class practices and standards of your business.


Customer Centria reinforces adequate technology implementations by our technology experts with decades of experience and technology insight. We enable transparency and bridge the digital split, leading informed decision making through implementing automated technology engines. We facilitate process efficiency and build scalable tools to improve sophisticated business functionality.

Functional Support

Our services proffer organizations with a robust support system to strategize, implement and execute marketing strategies and technologies effectively. We help accelerate your business with the advantage of data in the enterprise marketing cycle. Marketing channels, offers, campaigns, marketing ROI, contact strategy, planning best practices and resources are our exclusive functional support.

Technical Support

Our post-implementation support ensures effectual change management and efficient adoption. Customer Centria has a strong team to address your technical support requirements through our dedicated help desk engineers and on-site engineers and administrators.

Migration And Upgrades

Customer Centria understands the need for a smooth transition and assures your migrations and upgrades without affecting the pace of your current operations or destabilizing your infrastructure. Through cutting edge methodologies like gap analysis, impact and cost/benefit scenarios, we ensure minimum disruption of your business.

Custom Application development

With the growing need for applications in the digital space, our clients rely on us to develop winning custom applications across platforms, catering to specific requirements, by using our targeted and proven application development methodology.

Testing Quality Services

Our end-to-end testing services enable enterprises to define, build & implement test automation frameworks. Our team of qualified quality consultants can ensure testing on various parameters like User acceptance, System integration, functionality, security and scalability

Data Model Engineering

Data Model Engineering is an abstract model that organizes data description, data semantics, and consistency captivity of data. The data model emphasizes on what data is needed and how it is composed. We turn your data into a vital business intelligence tool and integrate it strategically to the required marketing systems using our in-house products and analytical expertise.

Technology and Infrastructure Audit

Our audit services help evaluate your enterprise information technology infrastructure, policies and operations. We ensure data integrity & align the audit process with your business goals. Our consultants examine not only IT controls but also the overall business and marketing controls that streamline the automation process.

Cloud deployment, migration, and support services

We provide on-demand cloud computing platforms across marketing technologies to enable enterprises to go agile. Optimize your IT infrastructure, resources and accelerate time to market for the marketing automation cycle with Customer Centria

Case Study

Diary Of a Journey Called Success

Successful clients, Happy customers now. Our global experience makes sure your marketing efforts yield maximum return on Marketing, Digital and Customer Engagement & Experience Investments. The biggest testimony to our proven methodologies – case studies that make us shine.

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